AMPLIFY Clear Quartz Water Bottle

AMPLIFY Clear Quartz Water Bottle

AMPLIFY your water with our new Clear Quartz Water Bottle! This 16oz glass bottle comes with clear quartz crystals in the bottom to infuse your water with healing energy. Clear Quartz is known to amplify intentions, energy and other crystals. It also promotes mental clarity, protects against negativity, stimulates the immune system and helps balance the chakras. The bottom of the bottle unscrews for interchangeability. Add your own custom set of crystals! Every AMPLIFY bottle also comes with an insulated carrying sleeve.
  • Product Specs

    16oz glass bottle featuring the Stay Well logo and Clear Quartz healing crystals in the bottom.

    Bottom unscrews to change crystals to any custom set!

    Insulated carrying sleeve included.

    Screw-on Lid.

    *Wash by hand in warm soapy water.

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